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We are a family company dedicated to the import and commercialization of high quality and high technology medical equipment and supplies whose main objective is to provide the best health solutions to improve the quality of life of Bolivians.


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Our History

The Company


The company was founded in December 1980 by Dr. Erwin Hurtado Paz and his wife Dr. Norma Peredo, who after a tragedy that put at risk the life of their son Fernando, who was in a delicate state of health as a result of the accident, discovered with great concern that Bolivia did not have the necessary equipment and supplies for emergency situations, being forced to move him to the U.S. to save his life.


It is for this reason that Dr. Hurtado and his wife with much dedication and effort decided to consolidate a company through which they seek to make available to Bolivians a variety of high quality products and technology, to prevent them from having to go through a similar story to theirs.


The company is currently formed by a family board, where Dr. Hurtado and his wife work together with their four children, who were educated abroad and through their studies and strengths are in charge of the different areas that make up the company, achieving a synergy that contribute to the constant growth.


This is how the company that started with 4 people, a secretary, a messenger, Dr. Erwin Hurtado and his wife Norma Peredo, grew with much effort and dedication, to date has more than 200 employees, with more than 38 years of experience and presence at national level in the trunk axis Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochabamba and distributors that reach the other cities of the country.


Our Mission

"To be a leading and innovative company with family values that helps to save lives and alleviate pain with a vocation of service".



HP Medical day by day seeks to reinvent itself to offer the best service to its customers and population in general, this year the company was renovated through an impressive infrastructure with the largest Show Room in Bolivia, focused purely on providing an excellent customer experience, has a personalized attention to meet the needs in an interactive way, where the customer knows in detail the products offered by the company and meets all your expectations through the demonstration of the use and applications of each product.


The company, aware of the value that health represents for each person, seeks to innovate in its service in an empathetic way and with the advice of professionals specialized in each area, thus reflecting the corporate mission of the company.