HP MEDICAL guarantees the proper functioning of its products, in such a way that if there is any factory failure within 48hrs after invoicing, the exchange or refund will be made after quality control by HP MEDICAL personnel that certifies the failure and the condition of the product.

Exchanges may be for products of equal, greater or lesser value (if there is a balance, it remains in advance for the customer for future purchases at HP MEDICAL's central store).

Cash refund will be applied in case the product is out of stock.


- Original invoice.

- Photocopy of Identity Card of the person who appears in the invoice.

- Present the new product in excellent condition with all its accessories, labels, manual and original packaging, without damage and deterioration (scratches, dents, stains, etc).

- Take the product to the central store in Santa Cruz of HP MEDICAL located at Roca and Coronado Avenue between 2nd and 3rd ring, Tucabaca Street No. 15, by their own means.

Refund of the amount:

In the cases mentioned in the previous point in which the client has opted for the refund of the amount paid, he/she should bear in mind that the refund may take a few days, due to administrative deadlines.

In the case of a refund via bank deposit, the bank account must be in the name of the User Account holder from which the transaction was made. In case of mismatch of ownership, the express authorization of the User Account holder will be required as an indispensable condition prior to the deposit.

Exceptions in Exchanges or Refunds:

Exchanges and refunds do not apply in the following cases:

- Special offers.

- Products purchased with special discounts.

- Installed products.